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Q: How often will parents and teachers be informed of student progress? A: Parents, Students and educators can expect detailed performance reports monthly from their student's tutor. This report provides areas of difficulty and gains made since the first assessment. Parents and/or teachers can also request more frequent updates from the student's teacher via phone or email.

Q: Do you have a program for homework help? A: We do not have a specific program designed for homework help, but a one-time per week program would allow for homework help as well as tutoring on other skills. Another option is purchasing a punch card for ten sessions to provide the flexibility of coming in to the center when the greatest amount of help is needed.

Q: Can I increase the number of times my student attends per week once my student has already started the program? A: Yes, you can change your program at any time. If your student has already begun a once a week program, you can come in and create a new program for twice a week with the center director. There is no extra fee for changing your program. You always pay the hourly fee based on the number of hours a week your student attends.

Q: Can I register my child if I do not have a Pay Pal account? A: Yes, billing and invoicing is done on our end through our business Pay Pal account, but you only need an email account and a credit or debit card to pay for your child's tutoring.

Q: Will I be able to pay my bill anywhere other than the Internet? A: Yes, we have three convenient payment options: in the center, by phone at 586-649-2323, and online at the website (

Q: How often will I receive a bill? A: The last day of each month you will be emailed a bill for the total hours of tutoring your child received that month. This bill will be due in full by the 10th of the following month. You can pay your bill by any of our three payment options.

Q: Will I be billed for an entire month if I choose to cancel before the month end? A: No, you are only invoiced for the hours your student attends tutoring in a specific month. Example: your student attends four hours in October, but cancels on October 15th. You would only be invoiced for four hours.

Q: What is the Initial Assessment? A: When a child comes to our program we provide an initial assessment of their skills. This assessment provides the parent and tutor with the child's strengths and weaknesses in a particular subject area. This also provides in-depth information on very specific skills that need to be focused on while in the tutoring program.

Q: What is ongoing assessment? A: Each child begins with the initial assessment to start their program. Tutors assess each child's needs every time they attend a tutoring session through observation and work. At the end of each month the tutor provides an online assessment to track student monthly progress.

Q: How often will I be informed of my student's progress? A: Written progress reports will be sent to parents every month. Parents are encouraged to call or email their student's tutor anytime to discuss their individual progress. The school and classroom teacher will also receive the monthly written progress reports.

Q: Will there be conferences with my child's tutor? A: Yes, parents will receive an invitation to conference with their child's tutor every other month. This conference will include the progress since the initial assessment and a plan for continued progress. The tutor will also suggest at home practice strategies during this conference.

Q: What additional costs are associated with the SAT/ACT prep class? A: The cost of the SAT/ACT Prep Class as with all of our programs has a set fee and there are no additional costs. The SAT/ACT classes include a textbook, practice tests, skills tutoring, scoring and review of the practice tests. The National SAT or ACT tests will need to be scheduled and paid for through a separate company. iTutor Today will assist students with registering for these tests once they have enrolled in our SAT/ACT Prep class.

Q: What if I cannot attend one of my scheduled classes? A: If you have a scheduling conflict on one of your regularly scheduled test prep classes, you can attend the class on the other day that same weekend if there is room in the schedule. Example: Saturday students can attend the Sunday class the same weekend. You MUST call the center at 586-649-2323 to check availability.

Q: Will the National SAT or ACT test be part of the program? A: No, the National tests are a separate registration. Students enrolled in the iTutor Today Test Prep program will be assisted with scheduling and registering for these National tests. The National SAT and ACT tests require a registration fee that will be paid directly to SAT or ACT, and does not work with iTutor Today billing and invoicing.

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